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    Sri Lanka on a budget – Laxpana

    Laxapana Finally, my journey took me to Laxapana. Laxapana is an off the beaten track experience. There is no tourism or official tourist attractions. So I ended up there by coincidence…

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    Sri Lanka on a budget – Kandy

    Kandy is worth a visit if you love temples and shopping! One of the most famous attractions of all of Sri Lanka is found in Kandy. The sacred temple of the…

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    Sri Lanka on a Budget – Ella

    A Quaint little backpacker town, Ella took my breath away with its spectacular countryside beauty. TAKE THE TRAIN! The ride from/to Ella is an experience that makes for a great story.…

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    Sri Lanka on a budget – Arungam bay

    Aahh..Arugam Bay… It has one of the most beautiful beaches in the country and if you’re a person who loves to party then you’re at the right place. Arugam Bay is…

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    Sri Lanka on a budget – Galle

    Galle is a cute little beachtown on the south coast of Sri Lanka. It gives you a lovely vibe with its old buildings back from the times the Portuguese and Dutch…

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    Sri Lanka on a Budget – Colombo.

    Sri Lanka’s Financial Hub and Capital City. Check out the local markets. Beautiful Beaches. City Steeped in Colonial History. Locals are warm and welcoming. Plenty of cheap boarding and lodging options.…

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    Sri Lanka – The Pearl of the Indian Ocean. I would say the saying’s not exaggerated at all. Sri Lanka is absolutely beautiful and definitely worth a visit. It might look…

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    How to start travelling alone? 

    So you’re at a point in your life where you want to change something. That’s amazing and I’m happy that this feeling is taking root within you now. So, first you…

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    My journey round the world has been too magical and I was completely engrossed living it to care to document it. But I realized I was doing my ambition of sharing…