Sri Lanka on a budget – Arungam bay

Aahh..Arugam Bay… It has one of the most beautiful beaches in the country and if you’re a person who loves to party then you’re at the right place. Arugam Bay is also the most popular surfspot in whole of Sri Lanka so get yourself a board and enjoy.

Bus: 0.90 USD
Going from Galle to Arugam Bay is a bit of a challenge as you have to take two to three local busses.

Ask the locals from where and when the busses are going and where the connection is. It seems to always be changing. But don’t give up and be stubborn, then you’ll eventually get there but you have to plan at least a day travel time.

Food: 1 – 3 USD local food and 4 – 5 USD western food
Tip: If by now you are really craving some good ole western food then Arugam Bay sure does satiate it. There are some really good western restaurants with a great selection of international food.

Accommodation: Hostel 8 to 10 USD
Accommodation will stay quit expensive throughout the country
Tip: Go over to whisky wave it’s a upcoming area where accommodation is still quit cheap

Tourist attractions:

  • Surfin
  • Beach Hopping
  • Safari Lagoon
  • Boat Trip
  • Whisky Point

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