Sri Lanka on a budget – Laxpana


Finally, my journey took me to Laxapana. Laxapana is an off the beaten track experience. There is no tourism or official tourist attractions. So I ended up there by coincidence as some of the local friends I made throughout the trip told me to go there. Arriving there I was amazed by the beauty this place had to offer. No one around. Me being the only tourist surrounded by nature itself. Surrounded by beautiful waterfall almost every couple of hundred meters along the way though the village. The village is located in a rainforest on an elevation of 1500 m. From many places you’ll have a breathtaking view into the valley.

Bus/train: 1.50 USD from Kandy

Going to Laxapana is quite easy. First you’ll have to take the train to Hatton and from there a bus to Laxapana. Again it is a whole day trip. But who care when you have stunning views like this!  (Insert Pictures)
Tip: Finding the bus from Hatton to Laxapana is a bit tricky as the bus station is a bit far away from the train station where you will be arriving. Ask locals for the way to the bus terminal. Or simply take a tuktuk. Which will only take around 15 min to bring you there. Walking will be at least 45 min. Arriving at the terminal, ask multiple times for the right bus. People will be confused that you wanna go there and are likely to point you in the wrong direction. So make sure you end up in the right bus.

Food: 0 to 1 USD for local food.
Laxapana being a place with no tourism you won’t find any restaurants. The only thing you’ll be able to find is a couple of street sellers selling rice and Dahl ( Lentil Soup similar to the Dal found in Indian Cooking) and maybe some snacks and fruit stalls along the main road of the village.

Tip: Eat at locals’ houses

Accommodation: 0 USD
As there is no tourism there is no accommodation so if you wanna go there you will have to do couchsurfing and sleeping at locals houses. It’s very likely that they will also provide you with food or that you will be at least able to use the kitchen to cook your own meals.
Tip: I also know that there is some work away offers by some people. So if you like the place and want to stay a bit longer check out workaway or wooofing.

Tourist attraction
There is no actual tourist attraction to be found in Laxapana simple because there is no tourism itself. Yet there are plenty amazing things to do such as:

  • Hiking
  • Waterfalls
  • Rainforest
  • Visiting local farms
  • Wild water rafting

So that was it from Sri Lanka and that’s all the places I visited there. I really had a great time and I would recommend Sri Lanka to everyone. The locals are extremely friendly, the food is tasty and the landscape is simply breathtaking. So don’t hesitate and book your next flight to this Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

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