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How to travel longer with less money

So you saved up a bit of money for your travels but you are not sure if it lasts long enough for the stretch of time you want to travel? Or long enough to travel long term?  Don’t worry you can get a lot more out of your money then you might think right now. You can make your money last forever with the right technique!

Here are my top 10 smart and creative tips I use to stretch money for as long as possible.

1. Eat In Local Restaurants
Food is one of the unavoidable running costs. Everybody needs to eat, but you’ll be able to save lots of money when you choose wisely where to eat. In almost every country I’ve been able to find a good cheap option on the side of the road even as a vegan! So I’m 100 % confident that it is possible everywhere. And if you don’t find anything you like there is always the option to cook yourself. Most hostels or guesthouses provide a kitchen. That’s a good way to keep up your healthy habits while being on the road.

2. Use Alternative accommodation
There are plenty of options where to sleep while traveling short or long term. Make sure you’ve checked out your best option in the area.

  • Check guesthouses and hostels online as well as on spot. It always defers if it is cheaper online or by walking in.
  • Check your social media accounts for friends in the area. If you got some friends living near-by don’t be shy to ask
  • And don’t forget to check out couchsurfing in the area! More and more people around the world are using it. Make use of it NOW

3. Use Local Transport
Transport will be another significant and constant expense on your journey. Try to minimize this aspect by using local transport. In Asian countries it is the cheapest to just go to the bus or train terminal and ask for the local transport going to your destination. Whereas in Europe it would be much cheaper to book online first and come with the reserved ticked to the right station.

4. Compare Air Fares/Be Flexible with Dates

  • Buying flight tickets is always a huge investment of time. But it’s definitely worth the efforts of looking on mpeople comparing websites. Even if you’re just saving $20USD, each time you do that, it quickly adds up to be worth another flight.
  • Another extremely important trick is to look for multiple airports near you to fly from. Often the bus ticket to the airport further away from you is still cheaper than the difference the flight ticked from the Airport near you will cost you. You can save more than half of the price by doing that.
  •  Be flexible with your travel dates. Always look up multiple dates around the date where you like to fly as airfare prices can vary a lot from day to day. Make use of that.

5. Walk More
Walking is such a nice way to explore your surroundings. It gives you a completely different perspective of the area you’re in and it saves you a lot of money. All this little bus tickets, taxi costs and tuktuk fairs add up a lot in the long run. Also, walking helps you discover things you would probably never find otherwise.

6. Appreciate Free Activities
Free activities and adventures – That’s the world I live in! The best things are ALWAYS for free. Here’s a secret, look at things a tourist agency is offering and then just do it yourself. You’ll find out that most of the things are more than manageable, exciting and cheaper to do alone.

7. Visit Non – Touristy Areas
Tourist areas are great, but for me the non – touristy areas are the real thrill. That’s where you can see the local life, the untouched nature and get the true feeling of the country. It’s a different kick altogether, traveling for days and not meeting even a single tourist! The best thing about it is it will save you lots of money. Everything will be very cheap as the area hasn’t been commercialized yet.  Ask locals for getting special tips on where to go, as this is the kind of information you won’t find anywhere online.

8. Travel Slightly Off Season
In the main season the prices are always the highest. Hotels, transport and even food prices will reach its peak. High season is called so for a reason! I won’t advice you to travel in off season as probably everything will be closed and the weather will be bad. But slightly before the season starts everything will still be cheap. Everything will be already open and running almost as best as in high season but at a fraction of the normal price as the swarm of tourists wouldn’t’ve arrived yet.

9. Volunteer Stay Longer In One Place
If you are really travelling full time then stopping somewhere for a couple of weeks/months to work, volunteer and mingle into the community is one of the best ways to travel cheaper, longer. It has been one of my greatest travel experiences to stay somewhere longer and really get to know the country culture and its people.
Great platforms for finding volunteering positions are: Workaway, Woofing and Helpx.

10. Quit or cut down your running costs
This is for all of you who really decided to not only travel but to make travelling your day to day life. Make a determined decision and cut out everything useless out of your life. Sometimes this backup security can cost you a lot of money which you could make good use of while travelling. Don’t hold on to your apartment, car and expensive possessions. Sell those diamond earrings! They will simply lay around and lose on value. Rather sell them or at least rent them out for a constant flow of money coming back in.

That was my top 10 tips on how to save money once you’re on the road.  If you find yourself still sitting at home and wondering on how to even get together enough money to start travelling then check out my post on:

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